Organization Validation

Increase Consumer Confidence -
Confirm the Existence of your Organization

TrustCor's Organization Validation (OV) TLS/SSL certificates provide everything you need to protect your domains and give your customers assurance that your website is trustworthy and secure. OV certificates support the strongest industry standard encryption, warranty protection and free reissues for the life of the certificate. When an OV certificate is installed on your domain, customers who visit your website will be given an indication that your organization is verified.

What is an Organization Validated Certificate?

Boost Your Business with High Assurance OV Certificates

OV certificates provide a higher assurance TLS/SSL certificate, used by validated businesses and organizations worldwide. Encrypt your organization's website and sensitive customer information with 4096-bit signatures and the strongest industry standard encryption. These certificates also display the name of your organization and locality in the website's certificate details, which indicates a higher level of trust.

Process of Organization Validated TLS/SSL Certificates

Organization Validation Certificate

The process of obtaining an OV certificate begins with gathering the necessary business documents needed for verification. Once you have the required documents for your business or organization, submit them during the certificate application process. TrustCor will validate the applicant for authenticity. Types of documents required may vary based on the application. Once the applicant is verified in line with TrustCor's requirements and industry standards, your request will be approved and TrustCor will issue the certificate.

Is an OV TLS/SSL Certificate best for me?

OV certificates are an excellent choice for businesses, organizations, brands or entities that have high website traffic rates, collect personal or sensitive customer data, or sell goods and/or services online. Examples of those who could benefit from an OV certificate include banks and financial institutions, universities, businesses offering legal assistance or medical services, online merchants and venders, and anyone who could benefit from higher assurance and heightened security.

OV TLS/SSL Certificates also come up with features such as multi-domain TLS/SSL support. Secure up to 100 fully qualified domain names with one OV certificate.

How is an OV Certificate different from a standard Domain Validated Certificate?

Organization Validated TLS/SSL Key Features

It's true that DV certificates and OV certificates are both used for encryption, but what makes an OV certificate stand out is its ability to show that a Certificate Authority has verified your company. OV certificates, like DV certificates, are both used for encryption and provide the same level of protection but also go one step further than simply requiring proof of domain ownership. With an OV certificate, the issuing Certificate Authority verifies additional details regarding the organization associated with the domain name. These extra checks work as an added level of trust for your business. Through this vetting process you build confidence in your customers, therefore improving your conversation rate.

Benefits of TrustCor OV TLS/SSL:

  • Contains your authenticated organization details
  • 4096-bit signatures and the strongest industry standard encryption
  • Up to a $500,000 Certificate Warranty
  • A single certificate secures both and
  • Universally works with 99.9% browsers, mobile phones and devices
  • Unlimited server license and re-issuance